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Can you name the porn star who is fucking me here in a hotel the night before our respective scenes?


Episode 02 - “Elixir” starring Jay Diamond - FULL VIDEO.

Hey everyone, here’s the second episode in my erotic film project, titled “Elixir”, starring Jay Diamond, formerly of Latin Boyz.

I know there were a lot of concerns about not being able to view the video on certain mobile devices. I decided to use Pornhub as the video source this time, since it’s a universal player and  mobile friendly - but it turns out it’s just the mobile Tumblr app. HOWEVER if you open the video in a browser, it will work fine. The switch to PornHub compromised the quality of the video a bit, but no worries, I’ll be using the previous method for Episode 03.

Just a little about me,

I’m an artist. I don’t title myself, because my interest has never been limited. I write music, short stories, poems, I also take photos, and as you know, film videos. 

These videos are free because they are an expression of art. An outlet I explored while taking a break from writing music. It is a project that may or may not continue, that depends on the reception.

I’ve created a “donation” button at the top of my Tumblr ( for anyone who’d like to contribute to the production of these videos.

This is not my primary source of income, so I’m not charging for these videos. I also know that not everyone can afford a $30 - $40 membership to a website for 6months. A few dollars here and there won’t hurt, though ;) . All donations received are reinvested into filming these videos for your viewing pleasures.

Enjoy & share!

Instagram: @xcinis

This is HOT! This is how a solo should be shot! :-)

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